Glowmundo is a 501C3 non-profit organization, dedicated to developing resilience skills in children so they can successfully meet the challenges and opportunities they are presented with. Using the latest findings on brain research, neurocardiology and cognitive science, Glowmundo offers simple tips and techniques that allow children to relax their bodies and focus their minds, resulting in increased self-awareness, expanded ability to experience joy in despite of circumstances, boost self-confidence, positive social adjustment and academic achievement.  We aim at preparing children to be able to navigate 21st century challenges while maximizing opportunities for success in life.

Glowmundo teaches children, their teachers & parents how to:
  • Relax their body and release physical tension
  • Focus their mind
  • Quickly rebound from frustration and disappointment
  • Remain hopeful during challenging and difficult times 
  • Control and re-direct their thoughts
  • Bring a reflective quality to their actions and relationships
  • Improve their concentration and ability to pay attention, critical for learning and success
  • Tapping into their emotions for motivation and accomplishment

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Welcome to Glowmundo! 
We teach children to develop the habit to check within to gauge where their thinking stands: "Glow Thought" or "Mind Muck"? ultimately affecting how they feel and relate to the world around them.
We assist children in learning to think beyond circumstances they may be facing.
We teach children about the connection that exists between their mind and their body so they can affect positive changes in their attitudes and their bodies.
A thrilling adventure story that follows Lumina and her friends on a magical quest that changes the way they see themselves and the world around them. While following this delightful romp, readers will learn how to use “Glow Thoughts” and other techniques to create well being and joy in their lives and rise above everyday challenges.
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