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Glowmundo offers teachers, students, and adults working with children and youth Social Emotional Learning Training (SEL) and curriculum to reduce the body stress reaction and build coherence throughout the day.  We do this through teaching inner mechanisms based on the research of the Institute of HeartMath and neuroscience.


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Educators and students know intuitively what research has shown: Social and emotional competencies influence everything from teacher-student relationships to classroom management to effective instruction to teacher burn out. 


The latest MetLife Survey of the American Teacher found unprecedented levels of stress and dissatisfaction among teachers and principals, with just over half of teachers reporting, “great stress at least several days a week.” Glowmundo is addressing these pressing issues through our mission and programming.


Glowmundo's school program is designed to build the resilience capacity of children and teachers towards increased joy and morale, reduction and prevention of the negative impact of stress, and improved classroom and school climate. 





Leading and working in organizations and institutions that serve children, youth or their families has never been so challenging.  It requires a new kind of awareness and resilience within the “New Normal” of our fast paced and wired 21st century global society.


This high impact program delivers a practical skill-set for leaders and team members to respond dynamically and effectively to pressure, emotional challenge and change.


Through Glowmundo programming, we help build compassionate and resilient communities that can mindfully problem solve and find creative solutions to strengthen 

their organizations.




"I realize now that I have to be present in order for my students to meet me there. It starts with me. I don't know how I operated before I had the Glow tools in my classroom" -Peggy, 5th Grade Teacher