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Empowering children from the inside out.  It teaches children to self-regulate and make positive choices for themselves and others. All proceeds go to develop programs for teachers and parents.

For ages 7-12

Discovery of Glow Chapter Book

  • Lumina Osity, is a worrisome and inventive 10-year-old girl with a nose for scientific experimentation.  She lives in an old lighthouse, at the edge of the 300 year old town of Iridescent Village.  One evening, as she is trying to go to bed, she finds herself scared, struggling to fall asleep.  After imagining space travel to other planets, she finally relaxes and feels stellar being able to fall asleep at last, but not before noticing her “g l o w i n g” image in the mirror.  Excited, yet curious about this “glowing thing”, she jets to school the next day wanting to see if other kids notice the “glow”.  However, she is ridiculed at the playground, and she observes then, how her “glow” shrinks and it almost disappears.   This experience turns her world upside down, and that of her pets, friends, and classmates.