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Back on Track/

Back on Track is a personal resilience program that seeks to build parent's capacity to prepare for, adapt to, and recover from stressful situations, challenges or adversities that present on a daily basis, giving them room to focus on the joy of raising a family. 


Our Programs, and Dialogos (Talks) TEACH PARENTS HOW TO DEAL WITH THEMSELVES. The focus is on the personal emotional growth of the parent to empower positive, healthy relationships with their own children.


Back on Track/Encaminados

The program is delivered in the form of experiential trainings.  Created by parents themselves, workshops offer practical tools and techniques to help parents manage themselves, become more resilient, and establish then more positive relationships with their children helping them break cycles.


 Glowmundo brings its team of trainers to any site that requests the program and builds a partnership with the school.  Before offering the program we seek to build community with the PTA, or parent groups in the school.  We do so by establishing "Dialogos" (Talks) on a variety of topics 45 minutes in length until we start building a community.




  • Increase parent’s ability to maintain situational awareness

  • Learn to create an optimistic inner dialogue

  • Diminish symptoms of personal stress such as confusion and fatigue

  • Increase personal resilience and energy levels

  • Leverage parent's ability to think clearly under pressure and discern appropriate solutions to problems

  • Greater cooperation parent-child, parent-parent

  • Learn how to maintain a relaxed-alert state of being



3 sessions of 2 hours each.

Dialogos: 45 minutes during coffee with the principal, PT conference, back to school night, special celebrations. Before program Back on Track (Encaminados).

Encuentos: potluck type gatherings to share success stories and build community. In between Back on Track (Encaminados) sessions.

  • Sustainable stress tolerance and resilience

  • Reduction in the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of parental & family related stress

  • Development of optimistic thinking habits

  • Rebound from frustration and disappointment

  • Catch and redirect your thoughts

  • Bringing a reflective quality to actions and relationships

  • Tapping emotions for motivation and achievement

  • Creating a personal mindfulness practice that allows mind and body to be in the present moment

  • Rekindle parent’s motivation and energy