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Art by Marbella, I Glow 3rd Grade student

When we assist children in managing their own thoughts, emotions, and body responses it helps them reduce stress which therefore increases focus, engagement, self awareness, self-regulation, positive relating to others, and responsible decision making. Thus increasing academic and social performance. When the needs of the whole child are met, they perform.

Our children’s program centers around the I Glow curriculum, which was written by teachers and designed for classroom use. This curriculum is based on principles and concepts of neuroscience, and the 5 core competencies of social emotional learning as proposed by CASEL: self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.


For grades k-2 units are organized around the 5 core competencies of SEL, for grades 3-5 units are organized around character traits such as respect, kindness and integrity building upon the initial 5 core competencies. 

Glowmundo offers the curriculum along with coaching to teachers during classroom time through Glowmundo certified coaches.  There is also a literacy component tied to the curriculum with an array of books weaved within the curriculum to strengthen the social emotional skill building process.


by Candice Bataille & Jennifer Jazwierska


Our first book, Discovery of Glow, aims at developing positive inner dialogue and providing skills to help children manage everyday challenges in a healthy manner.

The book is integrated into the I Glow curriculum.

" You don't let anyone take your Glow! it's yours. It's who you are!"

Ezra, 3rd Grade