"Every passion, every emotion, has its effect upon the mind. Every change of mind, however slight, has its effect upon the body."
- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Unless we guide them toward positive ways to relieve and manage stress, they will choose the negative behaviors of their peers or the culture they absorb from the media. They will become caught up in a cycle of negative coping methods and risky behaviors such as using alcohol or drugs to relieve their stress. We need to help them avoid that cycle.  Glowmundo teaches children, parents and teachers ways to let go of stress for clarity of mind and overall well-being.

We focus on building:

  • Mind Awareness – the ability to quiet and center the mind, which allows us to attain freedom from emotional limitations and deepens and expands our creativity
  • Body Awareness – the ability to release stress from the body, which helps bring clarity to our thinking
  • Mental, emotional and physical well being - we teach children to see the connection between their thoughts, their emotions and their overall well being.  We teach them to see the value of proper balanced nutrition and exercise in growing with a healthy body and a healthy mind.  Children learn to understand the link between certain foods and stress.


Mind-Body Awareness is the realization that the activity of the mind affects our physical functions, as well as our responses to any given situation and potential outcomes.

There is a tight correlation between becoming aware of the connection between our minds and our bodies and stress.  When kids are stressed , their first impulse is to relieve discomfort. They don’t sit down and rationally think about the best way to do it. They find relief by acting impulsively or following the paths most readily available to them, the ones they see other kids taking. Most young people simply don’t know more healthy and effective alternatives.