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                                 "Inner silence promotes clarity of mind; It make us value the inner world; It trains us to go inside to the source of peace and inspiration
when we are faced with problems and challenges."
- Deepak Chopra


Format: 16 hours of training to teachers, 9 hours of training to parents, three entire school I Glow days, 4 hours of consulting.  
Recommended Age Range: Elementary
Cost: Please contact us. Includes: curriculum copies, respective trainings, I Glow days ( 3 hours of interaction with students of all grades doing activities that explore and reinforce the I Glow concepts) and consulting.

Expected Outcomes
Short Term
Children become aware on how their thoughts affect their emotions
Children learn to focus their mind (re-direct their thoughts)
Children become aware that their mind and their bodies are connected
Children learn to use their breath to calm down
Children learn to relax their bodies
Children develop empathy for others and see the interconnectedness of things
Teachers using stress coping strategies in the classroom
Parents using stress coping strategies at home
Community building

Mid Term
Children seek within to get solutions to problems
Children learn to forgive themselves when they make poor choices
Children learn to distinguish right from wrong (“inner compass”)
Children establish positive relationships with peers, family, community, and friends
Children recognize, process and communicate their feelings clearly
Children know how to soothe and calm themselves in the face of stressors

Glowmundo offers the I Glow curriculum, which is research-based, and focuses on building social-emotional and mindfulness skills in 5-12 year old children. Through the program children learn to become aware of and manage their emotions, to use positive coping strategies, to seek support, cooperate with others, develop positive inner dialogue and have an optimistic view of life. The program results in lower levels of stress and hopelessness,  bullying prevention, and stronger communities. The curriculum incorporates experiences with art, storytelling, music, movement, coping techniques, guided imagery and cooperative games.

When a school decides to bring the Glowmundo program to their school, it becomes a community effort supported by Glowmundo through training, consulting, curriculum, media and props. These products and services are offered to teachers, parents, staff and administration, and the children. Everybody learns the Glow language and leads by example on behalf of the children.