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"We can no longer deny media's role in perpetuating the mainstream's low
benchmark of emotional and spiritual intelligence.  If we don't start developing
more ways to drop into who we really are---body, mind,soul---our culture is
going to continue to accept unsustainable ways of being from a behavioral point of view"
Gary Malkin, Emmy Award wining media composer/producer


Conscious media, is the use of diversified media tools, that seek to enhance our human experience.  Considering other healthy and innovative ways to build resilience in elementary age children, Glowmundo develops diversified concious media channels, such as visual media, music, Internet and technology, and publishing.  Future productions are on the funding phase. Keep visiting us for updates and new releases.
Glowmundo writes books that provide another dimension to our programs and serve our mission by reinforcing the message that children can learn to think beyond the circumstances they face. Discovery of Glow, Glowmundo’s first book, is a beautifully illustrated chapter book that teaches children the ability to effectively deal with stressful situations and fosters positive self-talk – “I can do this!”

Discovery of Glow Synopsis
Lumina Osity is an inventive 10-year-old girl with a nose for scientific experimentation. She lives in an old lighthouse at the edge of the 300- year-old town of Iridescent Village. One evening, as she is trying to go to bed, she finds herself scared, struggling to fall asleep. After imagining space travel to other planets, she finally relaxes and feels stellar about being able to fall asleep at last, but not before noticing her “g l o w i n g” image in the mirror. Excited yet curious about this “glowing thing,” she jets to school the next day wanting to see if other kids notice the “glow.” However, she is ridiculed in the playground and she becomes aware of how her “glow” shrinks and almost disappears. This experience turns her whole life upside down, as well as that of her friends.
    "Mind Muck is my way of saying yucky thoughts, thoughts that                                                                                       make me feel bad, lousy...it is the opposite of Glow thoughts."
-Lumina Osity, Discovery of Glow
Children Love Discovery of Glow!
“I loved the book.  I thought it was funny and millions of kids would love to read it!”
Paula C. Petit Molina, Age 12
"I liked the part when Lumina made a formula using supplies from her Space Pod and a few extra things including Glow Thoughts and it made a gigantic Glow Blast!"                           
Nicholas Bogash, age 10
“I really like this book. I think it is good for if you’re having trouble with almost anything. It might make you feel better if you were sad!  I think this book was easy and fun to read!”                                                            
Hannah Lambertson, age 9

Children’s Caregivers Love Discovery of Glow too!
“Open your mind and your heart. . . you are in for a brilliant, glowrific journey.”         
Betsy ChasseCo-producer of the hit movie, “What the Bleep do we Know”

“One of the most unique children’s books to come along in years. This book takes positive thinking and mind-body techniques into a new dimension that is applicable at the heart-level.  This is an important book for children and parents alike.”
Marilyn McGuire – Nautilus Book Awards 

"Discovery of Glow" presents children with an alternative for an enriching paradigm shift to find and develop intrinsic skills that will support the development of a healthy self-esteem, thus maximizing their potential for growth.”
Beatriz Pestana-Osuna, M.A.CCC-SLP (Speech Language Therapist, Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist. ASHA                 Certified

“This is a great book for all areas. I really think any classroom, church, library or home could benefit from it. It teaches us all to look at the brighter side of life and shows us how thoughts can be harmonious and positive with light.“
Ardy Molina, Parent

“Magical and wondrous, "Discovery of Glow" presents a world where anything is possible through the power of thought. The concepts are presented with such imagination and vigor they excite the child in all of us. The exuberance of this book glows bright enough to fill a starry night.”
Joshua C. Robinson, Poet and Playwright

Purchase a Copy $8.00 ea. Your purchase is tax deductible.


Your school, home school group or nonprofit group can arrange an author visit.  They include interactive discussions and readings from the book. To schedule a visit contact us at info@glowmundo.org.